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Textured Wall Coverings

A unique idea for wall coverings! Let Design-R-Wall help you with wall covering ideas!

more exciting than paint!
more versatile than wallpaper!
rich custom finish!!
Design R Wall lets YOU be the designer!
Design R Wall® is a unique new concept in designer wallpaper and textured wall coverings, blending texture and color to create an exciting alternative to wallpaper and paint! Utilizing textile materials to produce artistic patterns, Design R Wall® provides a rich variety of decorating options. Colors vary from bold and sparkling to subtle neutrals, while the textures range from soft nubby cottons to fine, sandy grains. Chic ceiling or wall coatings may be developed by mixing two or more Design R Wall styles.


A designer wall covering ....great solution to covering old paneling or problem walls. Whether applying to new dry wall or renovating old wall treatments, results are impressive! Well suited to high moisture areas such as bathrooms and having no seams to loosen, Design-R-Wall® is even repairable! Commercially, Design-R-Wall® effects a professional backdrop to business interiors, provides insulation and absorbs sound in high noise areas.

Whether a homeowner or contractor, you can apply Design-R-Wall® wall coverings using basic equipment and instruction. Consider:

wall covering ideas
wallpaper, paint or paneling alternative for home interior decorating
NO matching patterns
NO expensive installation
NO unsightly seams
NO toxic materials

An information packet is available on request including actual Design-R-Wall® wall covering samples. Order NOW
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