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Textured Wall Coverings

A unique idea for wall coverings! Let Design-R-Wall help you with wall covering ideas!

NO matching patterns
NO unsightly seams
NO expensive installation
NO toxic materials
Installation Instructions
Easy as one, two, three!
Starting with a surface sealed with two solid coats of Zinsser BIN primer sealer is essential.
1. Mix: Gradually add 1/4 bag of Design R Wall® to the water, mixing thoroughly before adding additional product. To avoid color to texture variation, be sure to mix enough Design R Wall ® at one time to completly do the area you wish to cover.
2. Apply: If rolling or troweling, place wet Design R Wall® on primed surface and begin spreading as thin as possible while still completely covering the area.
3. Drying: Continue rolling or troweling until area is completely covered to desired thickness. Then let dry! (An oscillating fan will decrease your drying time).
Before you begin, please read all the pages
in the Installation Guide.
An information packet is available on request including actual Design-R-Wall® samples.
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